What are JavaScript Template Literals?

What are JavaScript Template Literals?

Template literals are literals delimited by backtick (“) characters that enable multi-line strings, string interpolation with embedded expressions, and tagged templates.

Back-Tics Syntax

To define a string, Template Literals use backticks (“) rather than quotes (“”).


let hello = `Hello World!`;

Why use template literals in JavaScript?

Template literals make it simple to convert variables and expressions into strings. String interpolation is the name given to this technique.


The syntax is:


How to use ${} in JavaScript?

A placeholder is represented by ${] It allows for the introduction of a variable without concatenating. This is done using ${var} to add the variable string in-line to your current string.


var location = 'bar';
console.log(`Let's meet at the ${location}`);
// Let's meet at the bar

Quotes Within Strings

Within a string, you can use both single and double quotes with template literals:


let name = `He's frequently referred to as "Roger."`;

Multiline Strings

Multiline strings are supported by template literals.

Using normal strings, you would have to use the following syntax in order to get multi-line strings:

console.log("string text line 1\n" + "string text line 2");
// "string text line 1
// string text line 2"

Using template literals, you can do the same with this:

console.log(`Say hello to 
// "Say hello to
// multi-line
// strings!"

Variable Substitution

With template literals, it’s a bit easier to include variables inside a string. For that, we use the ${...}syntax.


let firstName = 'Paul',
    lastName = 'Smith';

let greeting = `Hi ${firstName}, ${lastName}`;
console.log(greeting); // Hi Paul, Smith

Expression Substitution

Template literals also allow expressions in strings:


let a = 10;
let b = 20;
console.log(`Result = ${a + b}`); // Result = 30

The process of assigning variables and expressions inside the template literal is known as interpolation.

Further reading

Want to learn more about Template literals then check out: Template literals | MDN

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