How To Become A Frontend Web Developer

How To Become A Frontend Web Developer


Choosing a career as a Frontend Web Developer will give you a set of highly sought-after skills that may give you access to a variety of amazing work chances in the current job market.

A degree or a school certificate are not requirements for employment for Frontend Developers, but they obviously do help. As an alternative, they must know the foundations of frontend development, programming languages, and front-end development frameworks.

You will discover how to become a Frontend Web Developer in this article, along with what it comprises and the skills needed to get started.

What is Frontend Web Development?

One of the most crucial components of website creation, if not the most crucial component, is frontend development. The site won’t exist if front end development isn’t done.
The development of the user-facing portion of websites is known as front end web development. Historically, it was also known as client-side development.
When someone visits a website and navigates through it, front-end development generates the interactive and visual elements of what they see.

What Does a Frontend Developer Do?

The interactive and graphic components of a website are coded by front-end developers. To accomplish this, they utilise a variety of programming languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue.

Front-end web developers can create the fundamental framework for a website using HTML. They can alter the site’s aesthetic features using CSS to give it a distinctive look, and they can build dynamic and interactive features using JavaScript.

A front-end developer creates everything a user sees, clicks, or uses to enter or obtain information from a website. Being tech aware and creative are both required for this. Their attention is on the user experience, and the technology they use depends on how effectively it will achieve that level of usefulness, speed, and efficiency. Additionally, they ensure that the design displays correctly across a range of platforms and browsers and that there are no problems or issues on the front end.

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How To Become A Frontend Web Developer?

We’ve already discussed what frontend development is and what it entails for a frontend developer. Let’s now examine some of the requirements and skills necessary to become a front-end developer.

Learn the Fundamentals

In my opinion, the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript must be learned first to become a frontend web developer.

  1. HTML
    You should start by learning HTML, the common markup language used to create web pages.
  2. CSS
    Learning CSS will enable you to set the layout of your website with lovely colours, fonts, and more.
  3. JavaScript
    You should learn JavaScript after studying HTML and CSS so that you can build dynamic, engaging web sites for your users.

Practice Coding

Set aside time each day to learn how to code, and be consistent. Build a project using the knowledge you have gained through online tutorials to put what you have learned into practise. Building practical projects on Frontend Mentor, which offers both free and premium materials, is a good way to put your knowledge into practise.

Learn and Understand JavaScript/CSS Libraries

After you’ve learnt the three fundamentals you can move on and learn and practise JavaScript and CSS frameworks and libraries such as:

Your marketability as a job candidate will increase if you are familiar with the frameworks and libraries.

Build an Online Portfolio

Building your portfolio is an easy way to demonstrate your expertise as a frontend developer and increase your exposure.

  • I’d keep it simple and tidy with an about and contact page. Include your greatest projects; 4 to 6 is a decent target number.
  • Make sure to provide links to your GitHub repository as well as live sites hosted on GitHub Pages or Netlify.
  • A README file detailing the technologies used, what you learned, your approach, samples of code you are proud of, any valuable resources that assisted you, and giving acknowledgment to any authors you may have referenced code from is also very important to include in your projects.

What Qualifications Do I Need?

While you do not need a degree in web development or any degree at all to pursue the academic route. There are also many web developer courses available online that you may take and teach yourself.

There are so many resources online to learn web development for FREE that many people are considering the self-taught route. With organisations like freeCodeCamp, Codeacademy, Sololearn, and Udemy offering online development courses, you can get started quickly and learn from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.


Is Frontend Web Development Right For Me?

Assuming you’re someone who’s already fascinated by the internet and its inner workings, there are a few personality traits that make some people better suited to web development than others. You’ll need to be methodical, logical and have superb attention to detail, not to mention endless reserves of patience. The code you write won’t always work the first time, and you may come across bugs, both of which require an analytical mind to work out the cause and come up with a solution. If that sounds like something you’d find satisfying, web development could be your perfect career…

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