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Hey, I’m Max!

I’m a Frontend Developer working in Bristol, UK.

It all began in late 2019 when I first learned about web programming. I took part in the Code Institute’s 5-Day Coding Challenge, where I started with the basics of HTML, CSS, and eventually JavaScript, which really blew my mind!

I started learning to code to create my own website, and before I knew it, I had fallen in love with web development. As I continued to develop my skills, I realised that there was a wealth of knowledge and resources available that could help other aspiring developers like myself.

That’s when I decided to start my own blog about web development, sharing my experiences and the tips and tricks that I have learned along the way.

In this blog, I hope to provide insights into the latest trends, best practices, and tools in the frontend development world, as well as the challenges and rewards of being a developer.

Whether you’re just starting your journey or looking to expand your skillset, I hope that my blog will inspire and help you on your way to becoming a successful developer.


You can reach me on the following platforms:

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